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Charm++ Release 6.7.1

Changes in this release are primarily bug fixes for 6.7.0. The major exception is AMPI, which has seen changes to its extension APIs and now complies with more of the MPI standard. A brief list of changes follows:

Charm++ Bug Fixes

  • Startup and exit sequences are more robust

  • Error and warning messages are generally more informative

  • CkMulticast’s set and concat reducers work correctly

AMPI Features

  • AMPI’s extensions have been renamed to use the prefix AMPI_ instead of MPI_ and to generally follow MPI’s naming conventions

  • AMPI_Migrate(MPI_Info) is now used for dynamic load balancing and all fault tolerance schemes (see the AMPI manual)

  • AMPI officially supports MPI-2.2, and also implements the non-blocking collectives and neighborhood collectives from MPI-3.1

Platforms and Portability

  • Cray regularpages build target has been fixed

  • Clang compiler target for BlueGene/Q systems added

  • Comm. thread tracing for SMP mode added

  • AMPI’s compiler wrappers are easier to use with autoconf and cmake

The complete list of issues that have been merged/resolved in 6.7.0 can be found here. The associated git commits can be viewed here.

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