*Available from the University of Illinois for research and evaluation use only. For commercial use of Charm++, explore our licensing options or contact us for more information.


In partnership with the University of Illinois, Charmworks is the exclusive commercial licensor for the Charm++ parallel programming system and its associated tools. Licenses are offered for a wide range of needs.


Developer licenses cover the full compilation toolchain for Charm++ and mixed Charm++/MPI applications.


Runtime licenses enable usage of Charm++ codes on production-scale clusters and supercomputers.

Embedded Library

Embedded library licenses cover particular components built in Charm++ called from non-Charm++ applications.

Application Distribution

Application distribution licenses are useful for ISVs that wish to incorporate Charm++ into their products.



Our staff is available to teach courses in parallel computing, focusing on scalable algorithm design and efficient implementation using the Charm++ system. These courses can range from short introductions of a few hours to a week-long hands-on tutorial. We tailor coverage and presentation with your group’s knowledge and experience.


Our consulting services begin with problem analysis and solution method development. We then provide application development assistance and associated services. Once your application is complete, we can assist in analysis and tuning to get the best possible performance, integrating with your existing applications and work-flows.


Application design review is included with all developer licenses, to ensure you get the full benefits of using Charm++. Furthermore, we can assist with installation optimized for your environment, and integration with your scheduler and resource manager. Finally, we include bug reporting and feature enhancement request services.

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