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Meet the Technical Team


Laxmikant Kale


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Laxmikant "Sanjay" Kale founded Charmworks in 2013. He is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a leading researcher in parallel computing internationally. He has been working in the broad area of parallel computing for over 30 years. The Charm++ system was developed in his research group at the University over the past two decades, and honed in the context of application collaborations. He has successfully collaborated on developing many well-known parallel applications, including NAMD, one of the best-performing molecular dynamics simulation software.


Charmworks provides scalable solutions that improve productivity in parallel programming. Our suite of tools lets you run your code across more processors efficiently and effectively. They deliver faster, higher-resolution insights for your company — even when using complicated applications with shifting load patterns.


Charm++, the company’s primary product and core technology, is an adaptive runtime that allows developers to easily incorporate automatic load balancing, fault tolerance, and energy saving features into their codes. Our suite of software built on top of Charm++ includes an MPI implementation called CharmMPI and a discrete event simulator called CharmDES. Our team also offers high-performance computing and parallel programming consulting services.

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