Scalable solutions for your most complex

parallel programming problems

Made by and for innovators, the Charmworks software suite can be used across many scientific disciplines to achieve efficient scaling and faster results

Astrophysics & Cosmology

Molecular Dynamics


Computational Engineering

Weather & Climate Simulation

Adaptive Mesh Refinement


NAMD, a Charm++ application, featured in Gordon Bell Special Prize for COVID-19 Research


Panel on Task-Based Algorithms and Applications and more at this year's virtual SC20!

Press Release

Optimizations lead to significant speedups for NAMD on Frontera

Introducing the Charm++ Programming System

From a single processor to distributed memory machines, Charm++ applications run a unified programming model that scales with your needs


Processor Virtualization

Load Balancing

Communication & Computation Overlap

Checkpointing & Resilience

Asynchronous Execution

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