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Charm++ Tutorial at HPCCamp 2017 – ECAR 2017

Rescheduled and is now Sep 18-29, 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Detailed Program:

Day 1: Parallel Objects Programming Fundamentals Introduction to basic concepts: overdecomposition, asynchrony, migratability and adaptivity. The parallel objects model and its advantages over traditional methods. Introduction to Charm++ programming language. Charm++ programming and execution model. Installation of Charm++ and associated libraries. Basic Charm++ code samples. Use and properties of chare arrays.

Day 2: Performance Analysis and Load Balancing Introduction to Projections, a performance analysis tool. Visualizing executions and analysis of experimental results. Performance bottleneck detection. Introduction to load balancing. Object migration and PUP methods. Load balancing strategies in Charm++. Use of different load balancing strategies for particular problems.

Day 3: Advanced Programming with Charm++ Advanced programming mechanisms in Charm++. Multidimensional array usage and chare groups. Introduction to checkpointing and its applications.

Day 4: High Level Programming with Charm++ Introduction to Structured Dagger (SDAG), a tool for high-level programming in Charm++. Survey of other high-level languages in the Charm++ ecosystem. Presentation of real applications using Charm++.

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